Nora: Project Management Template for Notion

A Notion template that solves painful problems of project management in Notion, instead of looking beautiful.

Solve your most painful problems with one powerful template

If one of these problems resonates with you, Nora is for you:

  • You rebuilt your project management many times and are still not happy

  • Someday you can't move any tasks to Done, because the task was too big

  • Sometimes I just look at my backlog and don't know what to do

  • My backlog has too many outdated tasks that I even avoid looking at

  • My system doesn't have good sprint tracking, can't track projects' sprints

  • My system doesn't have good estimate, can't know how long a task may take


  • Sprint Tracking & Estimate

Track timeline of sprints & tasks without thinking about how long each task takes

  • Infinite Sub-issues

Break any tasks into sub-tasks in 1-click to ship faster, don’t ever get stuck again

  • What-to-do Suggestions

Suggest what to do based on your energy level, what you feel like working

  • Estimate & Progress

See estimate & progress at all levels: projects, sprints, tasks & sub-tasks. Never lose sight of your project again

  • Smart Outdated Tasks

Smart auto-outdated tasks, never avoid looking at your backlog again

Never rebuild your project management again today!

Save hundreds of hours caused by losing track of your projects and rebuilding the system to manage them from scratch.

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